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What is BMD test?

Osteoporosis is a reserved and muted disease. You cannot sense or feel the thinning of your bones.With a bone mineral density test (BMD), you can measure the thickness or density of your bones. It's not similar to a Nuclear Medicine Test or a bone scan as thought by many. In fact, this test is the most convenient and the simplest medical tests you can have. A BMD test is the only method by which a patient can find if he has osteoporosis prior to breaking of a bone.

Who should have a BMD test done?

If you think of having a BMD test, the first step is to talk to your health care provider about it. Prior to this you need to find out the risk factors for osteoporosis. There are particular guidelines to help you establish if you require a BMD test. Here is a list of recommendations for individuals who require a BMD test:

  • Women in the age group of 65 and above.
  • Men in the age group of 70 and above.
  • Women below 65 years who have touched the menopause stage and have a risk for osteoporosis ( it may stem from family history, being thin and small and smoking habits).
  • Determine whether a patient is a good candidate for a procedure such as angioplasty.
  • Individuals who fracture a bone post age 50 or have undergone a height loss of one and a half inches.
  • Individuals above 50 years taking drugs associated with bone loss or low bone mass.

What will your BMD test result indicate?

Your initial BMD test will let you know the current bone density. However, it's unable to let you know if you have lost bone or presently losing bone. A repeat BMD test done after two years will aid in the diagnosis of bone loss. By making a comparison of the initial and the repeat test results, your doctor can find out if you are losing bone. Ontario Diagnostic Centres (ODC) provide BMD test service.

Do you need appointment for BMD?

For doing only BMD you do not need an appointment. You can just walk in during the office hours. Appointment is only required for Ultrasound.